About Eat Cheap Drink Rich

Eat Cheap Drink Rich is about bringing people together. In our 21st Century World many of us live our lives ‘connected’ to some sort of communication device. Cell phones, iPad’s, iPods, Blackberry’s and hundreds of other brand names… actually ‘disconnect’ us from each other.

Not that long ago, friends would gather together and share a meal, play board games or cards. The television age brought the evenings’ entertainment into our living room, forcing the gathering of family and friends to a “special occasion” status.

Now, it’s all we can do to get our own family to the dinner table, together…anytime.

An Eat Cheap Drink Rich party is about re-connecting with family and friends in a whole new fun way.

Jeff Hearn, the host of Eat Cheap Drink Rich the television show and self-taught gourmet chef, started cooking for his family and friends a few years ago. He hoped if the quality of food improved at his home…so would the level of conversation. Then, Jeff started inviting friends… 2 or 3 couples at a time to come over and sample his latest experiments in the kitchen. Jeff, a lover of fine wines, suggested everyone bring a bottle to share.

The Eat Cheap Drink Rich Cookbook, due for publication in the 4th quarter of 2010, will contain recipes, cooking tips, menus, wine guide… and step by step directions for a great meal… 1 a month for a year, plus… special menus and recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holiday parties.

The Television Show is shot “reality” style. The 3 couples invited do not know each other. What they do know is that they have been given a shopping list for a particular course…and they are to bring the ingredients, an apron, and a nice bottle of wine. Chef Jeff, and his wife Donna, will then lead the group through a gastronomic adventure where everyone feels like a chef when it’s over.

The goal of Eat Cheap Drink Rich is to bring people closer together. Think of this as a ‘small group’…with food. The money-saving aspect of the ECDR Party is undeniable.

Most of the meals we prepare on the TV show would cost $500 or more if the 4 couples went to fine dining establishment together. Remember, we are cooking gourmet style. Now… add in the 18% gratuity, you know for the large party… and your bill will be close to $600 and you haven’t even ordered a glass of wine, much less a bottle.

We estimate most of the ingredients for a party of 8 will be about $160 ($40 per couple)… and that includes a nice bottle of wine to share with the group.

It’s great fun, an inexpensive ‘dinner out’, and guaranteed to help make a connection with someone cool.

If you want to host an Eat Cheap Drink Rich party at your house (without the TV cameras rolling), just shoot us an e-mail and ask for the Eat Cheap Drink Rich party kit.

Thanks for stopping by our website. We’ll see you Sunday afternoons at 4:30pm on WTTA CH38 (MyTV) in the Tampa Bay market. The program can be seen on cable systems that cover all or part of a dozen counties. If you’re on Comcast, Bright House, Verizon, or Knology in West-Central Florida…you can see Eat Cheap Drink Rich on television. We’ll archive older shows right here on the website so you can catch up.

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